A Pirate's Life For Me! - August Newsletter

Updated 22 August 2014


Ahoy maties, Captain Jake Sparrow here with some excitin’ swashbuckling news! August be Pirate’s of the Caribbean Month, Arr! Get ready for pillaging, treasures, and ship battles galore! Grab your eye patch, load the cannons and grab your sword, because the pirate’s life be settin’ anchor at MyVMK!

All Hands on Deck! Time to Set Sail!

Pirates of the Caribbean Ride-A-Thon!


Arrgh! Ye come seeking adventure and salty old pirates, eh? Then ye come to the right place! On August 23rd and 24th, take a ride on MyVMK’s virtual attraction for pirate treasure! Every time ye ride, ye get a prize! Arrgh! Now that’s a bounty fit fer any pirate.

A Pirate’s Life For Me…


Plunder New Sword In The Stone Pins!


Available Now! A new set of Fantasyland Ride pins is ready to be pulled out of the Sword in The Stone! You can earn these awesome new POTC Pins by simply riding the Fantasyland Courtyard rides and trying to lift the sword. Have a nice ride and good luck!

Push’s Trash Trivia!


Test Your Knowledge of Disney Trivia!

This Week Push is away on vacation! Don’t worry, he will be back next week to resume daily trivia.

Here’s the answer to last weeks Push Trivia: He wrote the Pirates ‘theme song.’ Who is he and what is the song?

Answer: He is X Atencio, and the song is “Yo Ho (A Pirates Life for Me).”

Did you know: X Atencio wrote the lyrics for the famous song as well as the script and pirate dialog for the Pirates attraction. He started working for the Walt Disney Studio as an assistant animator for Fantasia in 1938. X was handpicked by Walt Disney to work on the Pirates attraction and ultimately convinced Walt that a song might be a good way to tie the story elements together and make the Pirates a little more friendly.

The music for the song was composed by George Bruns (who is probably best known for “The Ballard of Davy Cockett”) and sung by the Mellowmen (a singing group that also performed in Lady and the Tramp). X Atencio also wrote the lyrics to another popular Disney attraction theme song - the Haunted Mansion’s “Grim Grinning Ghost.” Congratulations to the 3 lucky (and randomly picked) players that sent in the correct answer for last week’s question!





Event and Item Info

New Green Crates!


We would like to congratulate the winner of the Green Crate Competition MarshyMarshy! Her crates are now released! Green Crates are available under furnishings in the Main Street Magic Shop for 500 credits! Green Keys can be obtained randomly through the Sword in the stone for a limited time! Not only are their amazing items in these crates, the crates are great for building!

One Millionth Sword Pulled from the Stone!

One lucky player pulled the one millionth sword from the stone yesterday! To celebrate, the mighty sword puller received a special surprise: 







Host Event Highlights – Summer Events Every Day!

Check the Community Calendar for more events, details, and event times.

It’s Pirates of the Caribbean Month! Check out these NEW items!


Inside a cave filled up with treasure, there’s a secret hideaway for your pirating leisure! Pick up the Skull Rock Guest Room in the Rooms Catalog on August 2nd!


All hands on deck! Thar’ be a storm approachin’! Not just any storm… but a Cursed Storm! Pick up this new nautical magic spell in the Main Street Magic Shop and go for a “spin”!


Avast thar, lads and lassies! Pick up this swashbucklin’ Pirate Costume at Shrunken Ned’s Shop, available now! (Hat, shirt, pants and shoes – each item sold separately.)


Start your career as a buccaneer! Pick up the Pirate Jacket With Vest (Girls) and Mr. Smee Shirt Red (Boys) in Shrunken Ned’s starting August 8th!

File:Pirate Player Piano Color Green.JPG

Yo-ho-ho, a pirates life for me.. Live like a true pirate by inviting your crew for some music with Pirate Player Piano Color Green at Shrunken Ned’s shop starting August 22nd!

Davey Jones OrganSkeleton Monkey Lamp

Add some piratical décor to your guest room with a Davy Jones Organ and Skeleton Monkeystarting August 22nd! 

Dark Ride Peter Pan StartDark Ride Peter Pan Teleporter

Hunt for the treasure! Make a ride with your crewmates with the Peter Pan Ride Start and Peter Pan Ride Teleporternow in Small World Imports under Dark Rides!


Available in the Emporium on August 22nd is the Bombardment Pin! This pin is only available for the WEEKEND only, so be sure to pick one up for your collection! It’s the second pin in the Pirate Attraction series! Collect all 5!

July’s Best Guest Room

What makes a Guest Room award-worthy?

Guest Rooms that stand out show originality in concept and design. It could be a use of conventional furniture in unconventional ways, the use of a theme or color, or humor. The most important thing while designing a room is to have fun!

July was full of amazing guest room creations, and to everyone who entered, GREAT JOB! Here is July’s Best Guest Room winner…


Travel to the world of both fantasy and tomorrow in Maliboomer's room, Fantasyland Meets Tomorrowland! You can travel on the Monorail, dive with Nemo, or take your chances with the Yeti! Just remember: keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs in at all times!

The Best Guest Room Winner receives:
- 2000 credits
- A free room - Castle Suite Guest Room
- Best Guest Room Award Pin
- Plus! A party in Club 33!
Did you create a guest room and want to enter it in this month’s contest? Simply send an email to bgr@myvmk.com with an image of the room, your in-game character name, and the room title and description to submit your room entry! Good luck!

MyVMK 1.0


Big changes and updates are coming to MyVMK soon! Check the Development Updates frequently for the latest news and information on MyVMK 1.0.

MyVMK Staff Profiles

Ever wanted to know more about your favorite staff member? Now you can! Every so often we will be interviewing a different member of the MyVMK Staff. Here is the most recent interview!

Mod name: HOST_Cherub


What is your favorite pieces of furniture, and why?
My favorite furniture are the Typhoon Lagoon Palm Tops and Trunks. They are absolutely necessary when building a room and filling in the void spots.

What is your favorite type of Guest Room?
My favorite type of guest rooms are GAME rooms! I love joining our players in a round of falling chairs. They really have some great game ideas!

What is your favorite public room?
The best public room in MyVMK is the Fantasyland Courtyard. You can always catch a few laughs with the players between rides, and I love watching everyone try their luck with the Sword in the Stone.

Best MyVMK Moment?
The best MyVMK moment was bumping into friends I’d lost contact with years ago. It’s as if time stood still in MyVMK and we had just talked yesterday. It was a very special experience!

MyVMK Safety and Security

8/7 – Remember to review the MyVMK Values and game guidelines. As always, violence or inappropriate subject matter of adult nature will NOT be tolerated and involvement in this activity will result in a ban of your account.

MyVMK is NO place for negative behavior. Have fun, make friends, play games and chat, but please keep in mind MyVMK must always be a safe and appropriate place for Players of ALL ages. Please help keep VMK just like the Disney Theme Parks - a safe, fun and magical place for everyone!

Respect other players. Scams (theft), violence, giving out personal information or discussing adult content (sexual or otherwise), vulgarity or inappropiate behavior have NO place in MyVMK.

Help is always available.

MyVMK’s ‘Call For Help’ button is easy to use and always accessible – just click on the HELP button on the lower right of the VMK player window. We encourage you to let us know if anything unsafe or suspicious catches your attention.


Tip: Remember the ‘Call For Help’ is like MyVMK’s 911. So while we encourage you to use it, please only do so for serious player issues. And like 911, using ‘Call For Help’ to report false information will get you in trouble too, so make sure you’re reporting the incident or player accurately.

If you do have a serious problem, tell us immediately! The faster you use the ‘Call For Help’ button to make us aware of a problem, the more effective we can be in taking care of the issue. So please, tell us immediately if you have a serious problem and help make MyVMK a fun and safe place for everyone.

Posted on Fri, 01 Aug 2014 01:41:00


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