When I try and load the game I get a black screen after it's finished loading, how can I fix this?

Due to a bug in OSX Mavericks (well, not so much a bug, just a change that breaks compatibility), Shockwave Player games won't work if they use something called the Multiusr Xtra. VMK uses Shockwave and the Multiusr Xtra, and as such, if you're using OSX Mavericks you won't be able to get in the game. There are a few work arounds, such as using WINE, bootcamp or even a Virtual Machine (such as VMWare or VirtualBox, VirtualBox is free). Sadly there is no fix though, and only Adobe can do anything about it.

If you're not on OSX Mavericks, the only thing we can suggest is clearing your cache, if you still have problems (and are not on OSX Mavericks) please feel free to email us using the link in the navigation bar. Provide as much information you can about your system and internet connection so we can try and diagnose the problem.

*How do I buy more items for my character?

You can purchase items in the shopping catalog by clicking the "SHOP" button on the toolbar. There are a variety of items available for purchase at any given time, but be aware that the some items have a limited release and so may not be in stores for very long. In order to obtain items by shopping, you will first need Credits to go shopping with. Furniture, pins, posters, clothing, and guest rooms are all available for purchase.

*How do I edit my avatar and change my signature?

Click the shirt icon on the toolbar to open the Character Menu. Use the arrow buttons on either side of the pictures to scroll through available options. Here you can change your hairstyle, facial features, clothing, and more. You can also edit your signature here as well. Make sure to press the "OK" button to save any changes you make!

*How do I register? Do I need to download anything?

To register, click the "Play Now" button on the homepage and then click the "register" button. Fill in the required information and you�re ready to play! MyVMK runs completely in your browser - all you need to install is the free Adobe Shockwave plugin.

*Is the game free?

Yes! The game is totally FREE, so you can log in and unleash the magic now!

*Is the game safe?

You bet! Moderators are available to answer any questions and protect players at all times.

*I have a question that isn�t answered here. Where else should I look?

If you have a specific question about the game or a feature, try reading the VMK In-Game Help Guide. You can find the guide by clicking the �HELP� button on the toolbar while playing MyVMK. The guide has many categories that explains every feature in-depth. If you are still having trouble, try asking other players or contact us.

*What does "Beta" mean? Does it mean it's risky to download?

MyVMK is a new game, and we're still testing and reviewing the way it works. But it's perfectly safe to play; the game software can't harm your computer at all and there are already MyVMK Staff in the Kingdom, looking out for your safety.

We're telling you that it's in Beta because we want you to understand that the Kingdom's still "under construction" and some things will change � most likely in response to what you tell us!

*What are credits and how do I earn them?

Credits are the currency of MyVMK. There are a variety of ways to earn credits. You can find and visit the NPC�s (Non-Player Characters) every 12 hours to receive daily credits from them. You can also play mini-games to earn credits. If you have items you no longer want, you can sell them for a small refund. You can also earn credits by playing quests and participating in events.

*What should I do if I can't log into MyVMK?

- Check to make sure you entered your MyVMK login and password correctly.

- The Virtual Kingdom might be full. Check the "Enter Game" button on the left of your screen. Is there a message saying that the game is full? If so, wait a while and then try again.

- Have you been banned? If you see a message saying you have been denied access to the Kingdom, wait two hours, then retry. If you still can't get in after a few days, Contact Us.

- Do you have Shockwave installed?

If you're still reading, then it seems you might have a technical problem.

Out Of Memory: Try restarting your computer. Also, make sure you don't have too many other browser windows/programs open when you try to play MyVMK.

Firewalls: If you have a firewall running on your computer or network, make sure you have specific ports opened on it, so that you may use MyVMK. Also check which programs are blocked from accessing the internet to make sure you haven't denied access to MyVMK.

Caching: Your ISP may be keeping an old copy of our site on its servers. Unfortunately there isn't much we can do about this, but it will usually update in a few hours.

Disconnected: If you keep getting the "Disconnected! Please reload VMK" pop up, the connection between your computer and MyVMK has broken. Sometimes you will still be able to speak and move about, but some parts of the game -- like the Map or your Mail -- might not work. Try reloading the game (Ctrl-R or F5). Since this problem is caused by the connection from your ISP (whom you connect to the Internet through, e.g., AOL) to the Internet breaking, it may due to high Internet traffic; trying later just might help.

Script Errors: Do you get pop-ups saying "script error" or "his file is not a director file," etc. This sometimes happens if we have added new things to the Kingdom, like new bits of furniture in the Catalog. To solve the problem, close all your browser windows and delete your "Temporary Internet Files" (otherwise known as "clearing the cache"). Close the browser window. When you go into the game next it will take a bit longer to load, but the script errors should not occur.

*What is MyVMK?

MyVMK lets you experience the Disney parks from anywhere. It's an online multiplayer game where you can:

Chat, play and trade with friends

Decorate your own room and mix music

Compete with other players in our Pirates and Fireworks games

*Why do I get a pop-up that says "security risk" when I load MyVMK?

Does a scary-looking pop-up appear warning you of a security risk? This is a normal security pop-up from Shockwave. To stop it appearing again, just click the third box and "OK."

*Why do I only see a black page and a 'Shockwave' logo?

You need to download Shockwave before you can explore Virtual Magic Kingdom. You might already have the Shockwave Player � it's used to view lots of interactive stuff on the Web, like games and animations. Get it if you don't have it already � it's free, safe, and should take less than 10 minutes to download and install. If you see a security warning box when you're installing, that's perfectly OK; you should click "Yes."

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